About Laura

Laura grew up in the mountains of Virginia and has lived in San Francisco for fifteen years. In addition to teaching yoga and practicing reiki, she is a fiction writer and writing teacher.  

Laura believes in the transformative and accessible nature of reiki and yoga. As a registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour level and a Reiki Master, Laura has studied at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and Yoga Tree for many years. She holds certifications in Relax and Renew (restorative yoga) and Yoga for Cancer Survivors. Laura’s practice focuses on reiki, interdisciplinary and functional movement, mindfulness meditation, and the energetic body. Laura draws from all of these areas to best support clients in their health and wellness goals.

Laura has a private practice in the Mission District and teaches public yoga classes at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, Sunporch Yoga, and Boombox Studio.